Lost in the Abu Dhabi Desert

Our next blog post comes from MEJDI co-founder, Aziz Abu Sarah. "...This is how a Palestinian, an Egyptian, and a Pakistani got lost in the desert...."

The Israel-Palestine Lorde Diaries: Bus Jammin’

Globalization, that demon which I vowed to fight to the death when I was Lorde’s age… Now it manifested itself as a promise, at least here. There’s so much that separates us: language, religion, a concrete wall and how we drink coffee. Political dominance makes up the most pronounced difference: I have rights, Mayar and Husam practically don’t. I am a citizen, while they live under military rule. In order to defy the system that categorizes us so cruelly, that seeks to turn us into enemies for its own good, we must focus on what makes us alike, and here is what makes us alike: we can sing Royals.