Masada: An Ancient Fortress

Today's blog post comes from Carmen, a traveler on our October 2014 National Geographic Expedition to the Holy Land...

A Light in the Darkness

Today's blog post comes from Valparaiso Law Student Cara T. "This trip has changed me. I am now responsible for what I have seen and feel an obligation to do something..."

Life Along the Border

Blog post from Valparaiso University Law Student Dimonique M. "The picture shows a drawing from one of the kids in his town about his thoughts on the conflict. The drawing has a letter with it which is written to a Palestinian child about how they are not alone and understand the suffering they are going through. The child also talked about wanting to play with Palestinian children someday..."

Final Day of our Trip

Post from Valparaiso University Law student Chidi W. "Wars don't lead nowhere. It's time to do something else. We want the occupation to end... I believe that the Jewish people are entitled to their own country, the Palestinian should also..." - Liora

Day in Palestine

Post from Valparaiso University Law student Audrey G. "But learning about the growth of Christianity in Palestine gave me great hope that there will be peace in the Middle East one day..."

Reflections on Visiting a Kibbutz

Valparaiso student, Jarryd M: Hello readers! I apologize for the late start in the blog post. I will try my very best to catch you up on our last week worth of adventures in the coming days! Last night we stayed at a kibbutz called Inbar not too far from the Sea of Galilee...

Coffee in the Holy Land

But a cup of coffee here isn't just a caffeine jolt. It is the signature gesture of hospitality and offered me, intentionally or not, a window onto people and places I wouldn't have otherwise seen...