The morning began with news that our bus driver couldn’t get out of his village and our bus wasn’t able to leave the lot. This news was followed by news that during the protest we witnessed yesterday a young man was killed by Israeli soldiers. He was not a part of the protest, he was walking to work. His funeral was today and all of Bethlehem shut down as a sign of respect and solidarity with the family who lost their son. As we were coming back from Tent of Nations we got caught in the traffic caused by the beginning of the funeral procession. It is heart breaking to witness, this microcosm of the conflict here.
IMG_6140In the midst of it all we heard words of hope from our brothers and sisters at Tent of Nations who are tireless in their work toward peace. Hope in the words of young people at Bethlehem University that are determined to get an education to better the lives of their people. Hope in the actions of the glass artisans who continue to create their beautiful art in Hebron.


There is hope here. There can be peace. When the people of God, all of us, stop and listen to each other and work to make sure all have a good life.

-Pastor Karyn