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MEJDI tours strongly recommends travel insurance for every tour, and in some countries, it’s required. The following advice is intended to help you navigate the complexity of travel insurance so you can choose the right plan and policy that fits your needs. 

General Guidance:

In certain countries, travel and/or health insurance might be mandatory for travel.

Some travel insurance plans provide emergency medical coverage, but it’s limited compared to full health insurance. Confirm how your current health insurance works when traveling abroad.

Individual Assessment and Timing:

Review travel insurance options soon after registering for your tour, as each traveler’s situation is unique.

Standard travel insurance can usually be purchased shortly before departure. However, specific plans, like Cancel For Any Reason or coverage for pre-existing conditions, may have a limited purchase window, typically around two weeks after the deposit date.

Flexible Policies and Modifications:

Depending on the insurance provider, you can start a policy for the deposit amount and add to it later once the full payment is made.

Special Considerations for Specific Policies:

Travelers with pre-existing conditions or those wanting a Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) policy should explore and buy insurance shortly after the initial deposit. The recommended time frame for this benefit is 10 to 21 days from the initial deposit date, depending on the chosen provider.

Maximizing Coverage for Travel Investment:

If not purchasing a CFAR policy and no coverage for pre-existing conditions is needed, it’s generally advisable to buy insurance as soon as the full payment for the tour is made. This ensures maximum coverage for the travel investment.

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There are many travel insurance providers available. Here are a few that we’ve partnered with:

  • IMG Travel Insurance (Call: +1 317-655-9796)
  • Yonder Travel (insurance search site for comparison of all policies available)
  • RoamRight (Call: +1-866-891-6614) *Not offering policies for Israel & Palestine until further notice*

Confirm that your insurance policy or travel credit cards include the travel insurance benefits listed below:
  • Trip cancellation and interruption benefits
  • Lost and delayed baggage benefits
  • Emergency accident and sickness medical coverage
  • Medical and security evacuation coverage
  • 24/7/365 phone assistance
  • Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR add-on benefit – optional)