Customer Service

Global Leader in Socially Conscious Travel.

Customer Service

With a business model founded on social and environmental responsibility, and a name that means both “honor” and “respect,” MEJDI Tours is exceptional in every way, including in our commitment to extraordinary customer service.

From your tour guide to the MEJDI representative on the other end of the phone, our staff is warm and welcoming, helping you every step of the way, from your first travel inquiry to post-tour feedback. We treat our clients as we would like to be treated. After traveling with MEJDI, you’ll have a friend in the tourism industry.

MEJDI honors customers with unsurpassed customer service by providing:

    • — A values-based approach to your group’s travel goals and needs.

    • — Innovative group leader tools that help leaders plan, promote, and execute group trips of a lifetime, including customized trip web pages and plug-and-go flyers.

    • — Individualized attention for both group leaders and individual travelers, including a dedicated customer service representative before, during, and after your trip.

    • — Custom-made tours based on your group’s values, goals, and interests.

    • — Specialized, local knowledge that ensures smooth, hassle-free international travel.

    • — Elite security connections to keep you and your group safe.

    • — Pre-travel preparation, including briefings and recommended readings.

    • — Exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to people and places off-limits to other tour companies.

    • — The option of multiple-perspective guides and speakers—highlighting diverse cultural, political, ethnic, and religious narratives—to help fulfill your group’s missions.

The ability to change travel plans as you go, including trip extensions.

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