Students & Youth

Students & Youth

Global Leader in Socially Conscious Travel.

“Life-changing.” “Incredible.” “Made-to-order.”

Students, teachers, and professors say a lot of things about MEJDI’s academic group tours, but all of them come down to one thing: They bring learning to life.

Even the best lecture can’t transport students to the halls overseas government, ancient ruins, or a brainstorming session with Mideast peace builders. But MEJDI Tours can.

Customized Academic Group Tours

Intimately connected to academia since its founding, MEJDI’s staff includes professors and university administrators who have established study abroad programs and courses all over the world. We not only specialize in creating custom itineraries and courses for academic groups, but partner with academic institutions to meet educational goals.

Working side-by-side with group trip leaders, MEJDI skillfully assists with:

  • Learning objectives
  • Syllabi development
  • Reading lists
  • Speakers
  • Partnerships with foreign universities
  • Meeting rooms and equipment
  • Flexible options for different budgets
Exclusive Access For Incomparable Learning

As a certified B Corp, which harnesses the power of business for social and environmental change, MEJDI Tours is proud to offer a socially conscious business model  that’s changing the face of tourism through a pioneering framework that honors both clients and communities. This model not only supports the communities you visit, but—through our multiple perspective and dual narrative options—offers students a rare change to connect with residents as they share diverse cultural, religious, ethnic, and political narratives—opening hearts, minds, and building lasting friendships.

Ready To Get Started?

With extraordinary custom tour options, elite safety and security, convenient group leader tools, and unrivaled customer service, academic group tour leaders can leave the tough stuff to us to they can focus on creating the educational tour of a lifetime.

Questions about MEJDI’s academic group tours? Ready to get started? Contact us!