A Blessing of the Pilgrims

August 23, 2015 We invited the St. Mark’s community, our families and friends, to travel with us to the Holy Land. Our trip officially begins September 1 in Jerusalem, but we have been preparing for over a year with readings, films and speakers.

We have committed to listen to those living in the Holy Land – Christians, Jews, and Muslims – and to be willing to follow truth wherever we find it, even if it takes us outside our preconceived ideas of God and this decades long conflict.

We look forward to sharing our experiences of faith and understanding with you, our beloved communities.



Last Sunday morning we bid God’s blessing on all the travellers as they prepare to journey together in the Holy Land.


Anne Alden

Susan Clampitt

Marty and Mary DeNys

David and Stephanie Deutsch

Peter Eveleth

Penny Farley

Karen and Tom Getman

Susana Gomez

Bill and Josie Jordan

Marcia Knutson

Frank Lloyd

Margaret and Stephen McLaughlin

Wendy Puriefoy

Susan Goodwillie Stedman

Susan Thompson

David Trissell

Pauline Trissell

Janet Vail

Margaret Ware

David and Marjorie Wellman

David and Gretchen Willson

David Witter



Presider: This morning, we ask God’s blessing on these “pilgrims” as they prepare for their journey to the Holy Land.

To the pilgrims gathered: We pray that you will be spiritually nourished as you travel to the holy places shared by Christians, Jews, and Muslims.

Pilgrims: We will with God’s help.

Presider: Recognizing the tension and conflict you will encounter, we pray you will minister to one another and those you meet with patience, kindness, and compassion.

Pilgrims: We will with God’s help.

Presider: We pray that you will gain new perspectives on the search for a just and lasting peace for Palestinians and Israelis alike.

Pilgrims: We will with God’s help.

Presider: When you return, we pray that you will share your experiences of faith and understanding, not only with the St. Mark’s community, but with the wider-world.

Pilgrims: We will with God’s help.

The people stand, as able.

Presider: To the community here gathered, will you keep these pilgrims in your daily thoughts and prayers while they are apart from you?

All: We will.

 Pilgrims: And we will keep all of you I our thoughts and prayers each day.



The Pilgrimage will convene in Jerusalem on September 1 when we will meet our guides and one another at the St. George’s Hotel.

We will be posting our observations and reflections and we hope you will journey with us as “sojourners”.