The Future of Tourism

Their goal was to create a new kind of tour company that uses tourism as an opportunity to encourage tolerance and cross cultural understanding by introducing tourists to the local people, sharing their traditions and teaching the multiple narratives and viewpoints that make up any nation.

Traveling to Change the World

Tourism is here seen as awareness tool of reconciliation or education. This shows incredible potential.

Aziz Abu Sarah’s Mindful Tourism Talk Explores Human History and Connection

"In his mindful tourism talk, Palestinian activist Aziz Abu Sarah espouses his belief that tourism is the most sustainable way to bring down the walls that separate us."

Aziz Abu Sarah Interviewed on Newstalk’s Moncrieff Show

"The word peace is a tricky word, because everyone believes they want peace..."

Palestino criado para odiar Israel e que foi baleado aos 7 cria ‘turismo da paz’

Carolina Garcia, a reporter from Sao Paulo, Brazil, wrote about Aziz Abu Sarah's story for iG.

A look at calls to reform Islam

Mustafa Akyol and Aziz Abu Sarah discuss Islam in light of the recent attacks in Paris, France.

What Aziz Abu Sarah Learned in Hebrew School

In this article, Jessica Steinberg describes Aziz Abu Sarah's "unconventional journey from rock-throwing Palestinian activist to international peace advocate"...

A Palestinian’s Journey from Stone-Throwing to Conflict Resolution

MEJDI's Co-Founder Aziz Abu Sarah was recently interviewed by the Christian Science Monitor.

MEJDI Tours Introduces Visitors To Israelis And Palestinians

Liel Maghen, an Israeli tour guide who describes himself as an ardent Zionist, said, “When you are really confident, you can absorb and listen to other stories.” Palestinian guide Tamer Omari said, “narratives only collide because they choose not to stress the same things. If you want to be pro anybody, you have to be pro everybody.”

Using Israeli and Palestinian guides, tour group helps visitors ‘experience the people’

“They are not doing tours for the sake of people just having a great time—though you do have a great time,” Moyle says. “But there is something deeper and greater going on there. They are helping people understand that the world is deeper, more complex. And in the process, they are trying to make the world a better place.”