Frannie Turner Celebrates her Bat Mitzvah with Women of the Wall

MEJDI Tours has arranged a trip for the Turner family, where Frannie Turner made her Bat Mitzvah with Women of the Wall yesterday.  Women of the Wall made a statement on their Facebook page yesterday: “Mazal tov Frannie! What a brave young woman to have a Bat Mitzvah amidst yelling, screaming and whistles blowing,”  which facilitated a stream of supportive replies from Facebook users.  You can see the Women of the Wall coverage on their Facebook, “Women of the Wall Nashot HaKotel.”

To understand the significance of this Bat Mitzvah, please read this letter from Women of the Wall written a week prior 

Further Reading:  Women of the Wall hold Bat Mitzvah at Kotel

Mazal tov Frannie!  From all of us at MEJDI!