Episode 1:
Come Together

What challenges bring the current health crisis for those in the travel industry?



Meet Yuval Ben Ami an Israeli and Husam Jubran a Palestinian a  most unlikely pair of colleagues. Tracing their divergent upbringings, Husam Jubran and Yuval Ben Ami share their personal narratives, political transformations, and friendship. Discover how Jubran and Ben Ami use a dual-narrative approach to highlight the nuances in the political landscape of Israel and Palestine as they work towards real peace and justice for Palestinians and Israelis. Get unique insights into the current health crisis from an international perspective and discover the challenging  implications for those working in the travel industry.


About Husam Jubran

Husam is a Fulbright scholar who received his master’s degree in Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding in 2004 from the Eastern Mennonite University. For over 20 years he has been leading tours with National Geographic Expeditions and MEJDI and is a trainer in conflict management, crisis management and nonviolence methodology. He works with the Synergos Institute, identifying social innovators in Palestine and Jordan and helping to develop their projects. He is the Director of Facilitation at the Hands Of Peace an organization that joins Israeli and Palestinian youth in dialogue to foster better understanding. He lives in Beit Sahour, the West Bank, with his wife and four children.

About Yuval Ben Ami

Yuval is a travel writer, tour guide and multidisciplinary artist. In 2010, he co-founded +972 Magazine, an English-language website dedicated to bringing critical analysis and coverage from Israel and Palestine. Since 2011 he has acted as a dual-narrative guide for National Geographic Expeditions and MEJDI Tours. He is the author of two travel books Wonderland and A Day on the Town. In 2016 he developed “To Be There,” a performance piece re-creating a tour of Jerusalem in different cities. Ben-Ami lives in France with his wife and daughter.



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