Episode 11:

The Ultimate Guide to Female Travel

In recent years, more women than ever are traveling – thanks, in large part, to shifting societal expectations surrounding gender roles, as well as increased financial freedom. Understanding that not everyone has the same travel privileges (whether due to gender, race, nationality, class, language or sexual orientation) is an important consideration when planning any journey and an integral part of the discussion on socially responsible travel.

Thursday, MAY 14th 1PM ET


Tourism professional and responsible tourism influencer Ellie Cleary is the founder of Soul Travel Blog and the co-founder of Soul Travel India. After spending 11 years working in hospitality and for global OTA Booking.com in the Netherlands, in 2016 she set up Soul Travel with the aim of de-mystifying responsible travel, and encouraging travellers to seek out more immersive travel experiences that have a better impact. She loves to travel to places that challenge our pre-conceptions and help us to grow as people through our journeys. When not hopping on and off trains in Asia, she can usually be found browsing the latest issue of Conde Nast Traveller.



Pauline has an extensive background in Tourism Management and an even more extensive travel history. For Pauline, travel is a way of life…literally. For the past 1.5 years she has been living out of her car and traveling to different countries, all while working remotely with MEJDI Tours. She has a deep understanding of the importance of travel and connecting with the world. She knows tourism can further that positive impact and sees companies like MEJDI Tours as an example of how travelers can gain a deeper understanding of a country, culture and community.





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