Episode 5:
The Good Samaritan

Preserving Ancestral Traditions in Modern Times

Monday, APRIL 13TH 1PM ET

Less than a 1000 Samaritans still live in Israel and Palestine. But they continue to live their ancestors traditions. We will talk with Abood Cohen about the Samaritan community, their Passover celebration, and how they engage in the tourism industry.

Abood Cohen

Abdallah Cohen (friends call him Abood) lives in Mount Gerizim near the Palestinian city of Nablus. He studied Marketing at An Najah University and then headed to work as a tour guide for a few years around the Samaritan village and Nablus. He also helped manage the Samaritan Museum and the archeological place on the top Mount Gerizim. He is very passionate about sharing his community’s stories and traditions in the world. It led him to start his own tour company, “The Samaritan Experience.”



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