MEJDI Tours E-Brochure for High Schools

Here are some destinations where we can build custom experiential learning programs for you!

Belfast mural

Travel to Ireland for a Dual Narrative tour of Northern Ireland and learn about The Troubles from two perspectives; explore the history and language or take in Ireland with a focus on its literary past, perhaps you will uncover the secrets behind its myths, legends and folklore.

Bring your class to Cuba to see the sites, meet the people and appreciate the complexity of this unique society. Take spanish language classes, visit the University of Havana, study the architecture…the history, learn to Salsa, see a baseball game.

051214162439-carAgainstBuildingsTake a trip to Berlin and Poland to gain a greater understanding of the Holocaust and meet with local community members to learn about how they survived and thrived after WWII; meet with the Jewish community who survived and stayed in Poland and meet with non-Jewish members of the Polish Resistance, learn about their impact on the war, and its impact on them.

Travel to Jerusalem and learn about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict from the people living it, take part in an archaeological dig, spend a few days in Jordan to explore the ancient city of Petra.


Come with us to Hungary to learn about the rise and fall of Communism and while you’re there see the spectacular Haiduk cowboys at the Hortobágyi National Park, explore the history of Buda and Pest, take a ride on the Danube to discover the museums, galleries and artists in the quaint village of Szentendre.

Visit Albania and Bosnia and discover how the intersection of ethnicity, religion, and nationalism has shaped the history of the region, and meet with local religious leaders, community organizations, and peace activists who are pioneering projects in coexistence.

On all of our trips there are opportunities to volunteer, take language classes, meet with local students and teachers, enjoy home cooked meals and truly experience your destination in an authentic way.

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