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circleMultiplicity Tours, a unit of MEJDI Tours, recognizes and embraces the multiple facets and complex identity of Washington, DC. We offer visitors a deep, rich experience of the United States’ capital by exploring the many tensions and harmonies that make this city special.

Two guides – one conservative, one progressive – lead visitors through important sites, exploring challenging issues that contribute to the city’s fabric. Expert speakers join our guides along the way to shed light on such topics as race, socio-economic status, religion, sexuality, and more. Our tours create a safe space to explore subjects that are normally taboo or off-limits, thereby fostering honest dialogue and a more intimate understanding of Washington, DC, and its place in the world. Of course, Multiplicity Tours also reveals what makes this city fun, introducing our visitors to DC’s vibrant music, arts, and culinary scenes as part of their experience.  

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Meet the team:

Sara E. Murphy, DC Tourism Coordinator

Sara MurphySara E. Murphy is an independent consultant in the sustainable investment field. An ardent optimist, she believes that it is entirely possible for all stakeholders to benefit and profit from companies’ ingenuity and innovation. Sara holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Virginia in French and Spanish and a Master of Arts degree from George Mason University in Economics. Sara lived in Asia and Africa for 14 years and has observed firsthand the direct and indirect effects of companies’ activities on communities and ecosystems. Her mission is to help make those impacts as positive as possible for all concerned.

Sara was born in Washington, DC, and the city has been her home base throughout her nomadic life. She loves the city more with every passing year and has grown increasingly committed to revealing its magic to visitors. She has managed the Washington, DC, operations of City Running Tours since 2013, guiding visitors and locals alike around the city at a running pace and revealing its fascinating secrets along the way. She is particularly interested in DC’s civil rights history, and she strives to offer her clients a deeper story of the city than they might experience on a cursory visit to its most iconic sites. Sara’s desire to go beyond the standard narrative led her to join MEJDI Tours in 2014 to open Multiplicity Tours, the Washington, DC, destination for MEJDI’s multiple-narrative tours.

Evlondo Cooper, Guide

Evlondo CooperEvlondo Cooper was born and raised in New Orleans. After graduating from Mississippi State University, he moved back home, working in law enforcement until late 2005. Evlondo settled in Chicago for a few years, but when the bottom fell out of the economy in 2008, he was drawn to Washington, DC, by the mix of culture, power, struggle, and opportunity that the city seemed to offer. Upon arriving, he fell in love with a rapidly changing city made up of new and long-term residents trying to make sense of what was (is) happening around them. Although these tensions have created new fault lines, as well as reopened old ones, Evlondo believes it is at these fault lines where understanding can flourish.

Evlondo is a writer for a K-12 educational research and consulting firm. As a Multiplicity Tours guide, Evlondo hopes to foster a space for curiosity, debate and – most importantly – identification.

Celia Riley, Guide

Celia RileyPolitical operative Celia Riley has played a key role in electoral campaigns and opposition research projects nationwide, including the 2010 Republican takeover of the House working as part of the National Republican Congressional Committee’s IE Team. Celia holds an MPA from the University of South Florida and studied political science as an undergraduate. Her master’s thesis focused on education equity in public schools, and for several years, she has served as a Partner with College Bound Inc., mentoring at-risk students in the District.