8-Day, 7-Night Jewish Heritage Tour to Macedonia

Get off-the-beaten-track to explore the Romaniote and Sephardic Jewish heritage of Macedonia and discover the country’s rich history, natural beauty, ethnic diversity, and delectable food and wine.

We will visit the remains of a 2nd century synagogue at the Stobi archaeological park, volunteer in the clean-up of Bitola’s Jewish cemetery, tour Bitola’s former Jewish Quarter, learn at Skopje’s Holocaust Memorial Center, and pay respects at sites commemorating the deportation and near annihilation of the Jewish population of Macedonia.

We will join in a celebration of Jewish revivalism in the Balkans by spending Shabbat with the modern Jewish community of Skopje. We’ll be privileged to meet the Israeli Ambassador to Macedonia and be VIP guests of Sarah Aroeste for a unique Ladino concert reconnecting with her Macedonian roots.

We’ll stroll through Skopje’s Ottoman Old Town, see Mother Teresa’s birthplace, visit colorful mosques, find intricately designed iconostasis shrines and fresco reliefs at Macedonian Orthodox churches, marvel at the beauty of Pelister, Galichica, and Mavrovo National Parks, and appreciate the pristine waters of Lakes Prespa, Ohrid, and Debar.

With time for discussion and fun, join us for this once-in-a-lifetime journey that will investigate the complexity of the Balkans, embrace agents of change working for peace, and celebrate the hospitality and vibrant cultures of the local communities.

*Registration and Final Payment Deadline subject to change