A Woman’s Journey of Transformation and Peace

There is no setting like Israel for a profound spiritual transformation. This trip is designed for women who are seeking a rich, deep, satisfying, yet fun journey. 

 We will learn with top-notch women scholars, activists, artists, musicians, peacemakers, and pray with Women of the Wall.

The itinerary combines touring with activities that engage the senses.  You will experience the Kabbalistic elements of Israel: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.  Archaeology will ground us, Biblical women, contemporary mystics, and prophetesses will inspire us… and then the gates to the other worlds will open in order that we may receive personal guidance on our own path.

Drawing on the power of some of Israel’s holiest sites, we open to the mystery of our encounter. There will be the option to taste the fruits of the land through the hands of women cooks from various cultural backgrounds.  Fun, food, and frolic are, of course, part of the adventure.

Come for the tour leave with transformation.

The trip is staffed by three Women of Vision who are also friends!

**Early Bird and Bring a Friend Special**

Receive an hour-long spiritual counseling session ($100 value) with either Rabbi Geela Rayzel Raphael or Rabbi Sarah Leah Grafstein – either before or after the trip – if you sign up for the trip by June 1. Receive an additional hour-long session for for each friend you recruit to join you on the trip.