Abraham’s Legacy Tour

Abraham is the spiritual ancestor of Judaism, Christianity, aPeaceCoffeend Islam including all their varieties and off-shoots.  Nowhere in the world is this more clear than in The Land of Israel.  This tour not only takes us to historic places but will bring us together with people of all three faith traditions and those who do the work of bringing together communities of the three Abrahamic faiths.

This tour will provide a fresh vision of the Holy Land. Led by two guides, an Israeli and a Palestinian, we will visit communities, holy places, and homes of three faiths. We will have opportunities to meet with many kinds of people and break bread wWestern Wall and Dome of Rock at nightith them while learning about their lives. Whether this is your first visit or your tenth, we are offering an experience that will both teach and inspire. Travelers who are seeking to understand this common heritage in all of its variety will find this tour an informative and exciting experience.

Please hold off on purchasing flights until this trip is confirmed.