An Interfaith Experience of Israel and Palestine

For Israelis and for Jews around the world, the 1948 War of Independence was a miracle—and a new beginning for a suffering people.  For Palestinians, it turned out to be a catastrophe.  Both narratives are authentic and paying attention to them is an ethical act.  By listening with open hearts we become aware of the human dimensions of the conflict, the moral complexity, the pain and the possibilities.  More: By listening, we become part of the story.

This journey offers opportunities to meet Israelis and Palestinians and to hear their stories, as well as to visit historic and contemporary sites in Israel and the West Bank that are important to Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

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There is an optional Petra extension that begins on Friday, March 11, 2016. Click here to view the extension itinerary and pricing. To sign up for this extension please contact Ally Collender at [email protected] or 703-349-1554.