An Interfaith, Dual-Narrative Journey of Discovery and Learning to Israel and the West Bank


On this unique Trip, Second Baptist Church, Grace Lutheran Church, and Beth Emet will travel together to Israel and the West Bank with Palestinian and Jewish guides who will introduce us to the complex narratives and present-day realities of a land that is a home to each of our faith traditions. We will visit sites holy to Christians, Jews, and Muslims, learn about the modern history of the region, and spend time with Palestinians and Jews to gain greater understanding of the complex realities of the region and greater empathy for all its people.

**Please note that this trip is for members only.  All non-members that are interested in traveling should contact Rabbi London directly ([email protected])

**The price of this trip depends on the final group size.  Please see the pricing tier below. 


35-40 paying participants $3,110

30-34 paying participants $3,265

25-29 paying participants $3,475

20-24 paying participants $3,795