Celebrate A Jewish Journey of Spirituality, Art, Music, and Politics in Cuba

Cuba and its relationship with the US has been one of controversy since the US embargo was put into play when Fidel Castro rose to power in 1959.  Despite only 90 miles from US shores of Florida, the divide and lack of communication and normal relations between our two countries has been broad.

This trip is a unique opportunity to engage in a meaningful education people-to-people exchange program in Cuba that is based on building cultural interactions and better understanding.  In particular, we will build bonds with the Jews of Cuba, visit a Jewish senior center, and deliver humanitarian donations for charities and non-sectarian pharmacies run by the community.  Throughout the journey, we will enjoy the warm Cuban weather, sample home cooked good, see unique art, shop lively markets, hear amazing music, learn to salsa, and meet a wide array of inspiring individuals.


Please hold off on purchasing flights until the trip is confirmed.