Christian History Institute Tour of Biblical Turkey and Greece

You’ve read the New Testament––now immerse yourself in the world it describes! To celebrate our 35th anniversary, Christian History is proud to offer you this life-changing opportunity to touch and taste the best of biblical Turkey and Greece. Smell the salt breeze blowing through the ancient Christian capital of Constantinople, walk in awe through the sunlit ruins of Ephesus, recite the prophecies of Revelation in the seaside cave where it was composed, and whisper a prayer for St. Paul in the once-bustling marketplace where he was tried. Come with us on a ten-day pilgrimage to Istanbul, Ephesus, Kuşadası, Patmos, Smyrna/İzmir, Athens, Corinth, and Delphi. Our schedule will balance sightseeing, Q&A with guides and local experts, quiet time for devotions, group bonding, and relaxation on sparkling Mediterranean beaches. Get ready to deepen your faith and change forever how you read the New Testament!

*Pricing is determined by number of participants.

15-19 people – $3,201

20-24 people- $2,947

25-29 people – $2,846

For questions about Christian History Institute, please contact Sara Campbell:

Christian History Institute
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