CMEP’s Annual Holy Land Journey

Journey to Holy Land as part of this multiple perspective pilgrimage. Facilitated by two guides, one Israeli and one Palestinian, experience the sacred places, cosmopolitan cities, small villages and scenic landscapes of this diverse region through the eyes of its residents. Begin the journey worshiping with a local congregation, continue with the religious histories of Jerusalem, then travel into the villages of the West Bank and end on the shores of the Mediterranean. Rooted in Christian pilgrimage, this journey offers travelers the opportunity to meet local leaders, artists and activists, learn about contrasting national narratives, and explore future prospects for justice, security, and peace in the Holy Land. With a unique approach that accesses contemporary issues through personal storytelling, relationship-building, and facilitated discussion, this journey features a diverse array of guides and speakers – Israeli and Palestinian, Christian, Jewish, and Muslim, conservative, moderate and progressive. With time for spiritual reflection, discussion and fun, join us for this unique journey that celebrates the hospitality and vibrant cultures of the Holy Land while exploring the complex issues facing Israelis and Palestinians.