Discovering Israel with BeSH and Rabbi A. Edery: An Insider Experience of the Old and the New, Holy and Secular, Jewish and Arab

This trip is designed to provide a full experience of the diversity and richness of Israel, in its geography, its food, its languages, its religions, and even its conflicts. The itinerary was prepared having in mind those who will visit Israel for the first time – including major tourist destinations; and also those who have visited before – but now will also go to off-the-beaten-path places and have unique experiences. We hope this will be a wonderful experience to connect us with the Israel of our dreams and with the Israel of reality. As we develop our bonds with our fellow travelers, we will also grow in our understanding of this amazing country, in ways which are not possible without the encounters and visits we will experience together.

If you are interested in signing up for this trip, please reach out to the Beth Shalom office or Rabbi Ariel Edery:

Cell: 919-633-2048.
Tel:  919-858-7777
Email: [email protected]