Interfaith Tour of the Holy Land

Welcome, Ahlan Wasahlan, Shalom! Join us for an interfaith tour of the Holy Land, designed for Christians, Jews and Muslims alike who wish to hear the voices of both Israelis and Palestinians speaking passionately about their hopes and dreams for the future. The tour features a diverse array of speakers—Israeli and Palestinian, Christian, Jewish, and Muslim, conservative, moderate and liberal. Travelers will have the opportunity to learn about the religious sites and history of the land, examine the contrasting national narratives, and explore future prospects for justice, security, and peace for Israelis and Palestinians.

Beginning in Jerusalem and the West Bank and continuing into the beautiful hills of Galilee, the tour will end on the shores of the Sea of Galilee and the Mediterranean Sea. Personal storytelling, relationship building, discussions with conflict resolution professionals, and the perspectives of our two guides, one Israeli and one Palestinian, will all help to facilitate this groundbreaking interfaith and multi-perspective tour of the land we call “holy”. Pastor Saïd and Pastor Gabi, both natives of Galilee, will co-lead this unique trip, which both explores the complex issues facing Israelis and Palestinians, and celebrates the hospitality and vibrant cultures of the local communities. You will enjoy home-cooked cuisine with local families and time for discussion, reflection, and fun.


**The price of this trip depends on the final group size.  Please see the pricing tier below.  At the anticipated group size of 20+, the cost is $3,997 per person, based on double occupancy.  


20+ paying participants $3,977

15-19 paying participants $4,158

10-14 paying participants $4,281