Multi-Day Tour: May 2019

Explore Israel and Palestine anew, with MEJDI’s industry-first, Dual Narrative Tour™ experience! With this unique trip, travelers see the Holy Land through new eyes, with the help of two local tour guides: one Israeli and one Palestinian.

Rather than provide the same perspective on this diverse destination, your Israeli and Palestinian hosts will ensure you experience the history, culture, and complex reality of the Holy Land like no other traveler:

  • Enjoy MEJDI’s Dual Narrative Tour™, a patented, socially conscious, award-winning approach to travel.
  • Guiding in tandem, Israeli and Palestinian guides debate and highlight different political and historical opinions at each site, in an immersive travel experience that takes you behind the doors of mosques, churches, and synagogues, through the halls of Palestinian and Israeli government, into active dig sites, and into the homes of Arab, Jewish, and Druze locals.
  • MEJDI’s trained guide-facilitators help open a conversation, answer difficult questions, model friendship through respectful dialogue and disagreement, and give travelers an opportunity to encounter new voices and perspectives.
  • Visit all of the must-see sites—the Dome of the Rock, Western Wall, and birthplace of Jesus—plus many new and fun surprises! For example, meet Muslims who live in East Jerusalem, hear the life stories of former combatants, settlers, and refugees, and taste delicious Palestinian and Israeli cuisines, while breaking bread with Jewish and Arab families in their homes.

Through such in-depth, special-access experiences, see the region’s history, religion, politics, and archeology with fresh eyes. Join us, and see why people are talking about MEJDI’s Dual Narrative Tour™—and why it has been featured by TED, National Geographic, the United Nations, and many more!

June 2 – 5, 2019

Explore the wild beauty of the Arabian Peninsula, with MEJDI’s add-on to Petra, Wadi Rum, and Jerash. The perfect combination of relaxation, education, and adventure, with only a few extra days you can:

  • Experience traditional Arabian desert life in the valleys of Wadi Rum. Share coffee with bedouins, see camels in their natural habitat, and view rock inscriptions (ancient and modern) left by local tribes.
  • In a MEJDI exclusive, have an opportunity to give back and help bring positive change to the Middle East, by meeting with Syrian refugees in Jerash. Learn first-hand about the conflict in Syria, ask questions, and hear how the war has taken a toll on countries like Lebanon and Jordan, and on everyday Syrian families.
  • Check off your bucket-list the impressive and monumental ruins of Jerash, the best-preserved Roman city in the Arab Middle East following the destruction of Palmyra.
  • Put on your cowboy hat (or fedora), and explore the ancient Nabatean city of Petra! Walk through wind-swept sandstone valleys with stunning rock striations, and discover the echoing chambers of ancient tombs. The more adventurous can ride a horse or a donkey through the valleys of this the famous “Indiana Jones” filming site.

Please see the itinerary link at the bottom of this page for details and pricing. To register for this addition, please email your traveler services specialist – Shannon Okuonghae ([email protected]).

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