Northern Ireland & the Republic of Ireland: Multiple Narratives

Join us for a journey that spans both the rolling emerald hills of Northern Ireland and the rocky cliffs and castles of the Republic of Ireland. Discover Irish hospitality with visits to local parishes and pubs, experience the stark natural beauty of the Irish countryside, and learn about neighborhood divisions in Belfast and efforts to bridge the divide. In this unique tour that takes an in-depth look at the Troubles, travelers will explore the country’s Catholic and Protestant heritages, literary legacies, and personal memoirs of political turmoil. More importantly, take the opportunity to engage with some of the community activists, artists, politicians, and religious leaders who have made Ireland great. Renowned for its unquenchable spirit, the beautiful land of Éire beckons you for a voyage of cultural, religious, and political discovery that will examine conflicting national narratives and confront contemporary issues, while celebrating the culture and fortitude of the Irish people.


“Strength and wisdom are not opposing values” – Bill Clinton (from the Peace Wall in Belfast)

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