St. James Holy Land Trip

This October members of St. James Lutheran Church are invited to make a journey together to Israel and Palestine.  On this trip the group will visit many sites that are central to the story of Christ’s life, including Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth and Capernaum.  In addition to encountering the rich history of this land, the group will experience the current realities and challenges faced by those who live there:  Jews, Muslims and Christians.  Participants will have the opportunity to stay overnight with a Palestinian family in Bethlehem.  Pastor Holmer will be an active participant on this trip which will be led by Aziz Abu Sarah.  Aziz grew up in East Jerusalem, is a National Geographic Explorer, and has devoted his life to conflict resolution and promoting reconciliation among those who call the holy land their home.

St. James Lutheran Church will be collecting deposits for this tour. If you would like to confirm your space on this trip, please contact Pastor Holmer. Your deposit check should be made out to “St. James Lutheran Church”.

Due to enrollment confirmation, we do not advise purchasing plane tickets until after the deposit due date.