St. Mark’s Pilgrimage

For two thousand years, pilgrims have traveled to Jerusalem. The stories we hear in the readings from the Gospel ignite our imagination and our curiosity about the world of Jesus. Now the Middle East Working Group is inviting you to actually see many of the places which are memorialized in the stories.

For many Christians, a visit to the Holy Land is an intensive “dash” through an itinerary of churches and sacred stones, but they rarely have the opportunity to meet and discover a connection with the people of the land. A contextual pilgrimage provides opportunities to engage with the people whose lives are integral to the land. Our trip will include meetings with groups and individuals who are deeply invested in work for peace and justice.

We hope you will join us on this two week “journey of transformation.”

Due to the need for enrollment confirmation, we do not advise purchasing plane tickets until after the deposit due date.