The Holy Land: Stories of the Past, Struggles in the Present, Hopes for the Future

There is currently a waitlist for travelers. If you are interested in joining this trip and would like your name added to the waitlist, please contact Danielle DiVerde ([email protected], 703-349-1554).

Take a deep, fresh, and unique look at this amazing and holy land, with a multiple-perspective tour of the Holy Land. Facilitated by two guides, one Israeli and one Palestinian, this tour will allow you to experience ancient holy sites, cosmopolitan cities, scenic landscapes and political realities of this diverse region through the eyes of its residents. Participants will be invited to look to the message of the Christian faith and the Jewish and Christian scriptures to reflect on the things that might make for peace in this complex and compelling land.

Beginning with the religious histories of Jerusalem, continuing into the towns and villages of the West Bank, and ending on the shores of the Mediterranean, this tour offers travelers the opportunity to meet religious leaders, artists, activists, and ordinary citizens and learn about contrasting national narratives, various religious perspectives, and political points of view.

During our visit, we will share in fellowship with local Christians, meditate on mountaintop outlooks, and build relationships with local families from the country’s diverse Jewish, Muslim, and Christian communities. As we move through this holy land, our experiences will compel us to tackle the difficult questions of faith in a broken world. Even more, this tour will offer the opportunity to celebrate the hospitality, deep faith and vibrant cultures of the people of this land.

Travelers will take part in two pre-trip orientation meetings with Rev. Dr. Mae Elise Cannon.  Listen to her sermon on  “The Things that Make for Peace” here.

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There is an optional Petra Extension from May 2 – 5, 2017. More details are listed under the resources section below under “Optional Extension”, or you can click here. If you would like to join this Petra extension, please contact Danielle DiVerde at [email protected] or 703-349-1554.
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