Truth Reconciled Street Photography Tour

Bethlehem Coffee Company is honored to invite you to join us this June in the Holy Land.

This trip is designed to be a dual-narrative, listen and learn trip. We will get to the places and meet the people that will take you deeper into the lives of the people in the land – The Living Stones.

We have structured this trip with photographers, filmmakers, artist, writers and bloggers in mind . . . there will be many faces and places for you to see, record and include in your creative projects for years to come.

We will also be in Bethlehem during the second annual Bet Lahem Live Music and Art Festival . . . an extra bonus.

There is an optional Petra extension that begins on Tuesday, June 24. The tour itinerary, which includes the Petra extension, can be found in the “resources” section below. To sign up for this extension please contact Haley Douglass at [email protected] or 703-349-1554.

Due to enrollment confirmation, we do not advise purchasing plane tickets until after the deposit due date.