The Hebron Public Toilet

This poem was brought to you by Ian W…
Oh Sandy, you witnessed the contradiction
Two different lives coming together
In the enforced intimacy of a Hebron Public ToiletFor men these places are a brief wordless interlude
But for women-  often a networking opportunity
But in Hebron, by the Ibrahimi Mosque
How do you describe Sandy, what you saw?
The young girl, next to you as you performed
Mundane washing of hands?Boots – military style
Trousers and shirt – combat design
Accessories – Uzi machine gun hanging with flair from the shoulder
Side arm, stun grenade, handcuffs attached to belt like a lucky charm

And yet –
When the beret came off, soft black hair
Cascaded down, and just like any young girl
In a down-town Manhattan bar
She brushed it whilst pouting in the mirror

If only you could have reached out
Helped brush that hair
And  whisper gently it will be ok
One day, God willing, it will be ok.