Beyond Borders: From Immigration to Opportunity

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Extending from Southern California to West Texas, the US-Mexico border is the most frequently crossed border in the world. The surrounding region was redefined by treaties of the 19th century, though ongoing disputes over territory and resources prompted the founding of the US Border Patrol in 1924. Its mission remains largely unchanged: to prevent the illegal entry of immigrants.

Communities on both sides of the border have become conflict flash points, staging grounds for passage and first stops on the other side. Many seeking to enter the US legally meet stiff closures, and crossing illegally incurs ever greater risks. 

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Sample Tour

• Head to Tucson, AZ to learn about immigration challenges on the border with Mexico. Explore the different perspectives regarding immigration and gain first-hand knowledge of  border issues.

• Meet a representative from an organization working with immigrant groups for an interactive educational approach to migration.

• Visit No More Deaths Camp and spend a night in the desert, learning about the organizations work to provide aid to undocumented immigrants recently deported or repatriated.

• Hear lectures from experts in religious, legal, scholar, and humanitarian backgrounds and discuss how each relates to immigration issues. If borders are open, we will consider crossing by foot, over to Nogales, MX to meet with Mexican humanitarian workers who aid in tracking those who cross to the US.

Note: This tour can be offered in any of the border states.

Relevant areas of study include international relations, political science, human affairs, public policy and public administration, sociology, social work, psychology, legal studies, religious studies, economics.

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