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History buffs. Religious scholars. Craft beer connoisseurs. Social justice advocates. As one of the most progressive and geographically diverse countries in Europe, Germany is the ideal destination for any group with any predilection. From Munich to Berlin, Bavaria and Hamburg, a MEJDI tour can take you to any and every place. What makes a MEJDI Tour to Germany unlike any other is our personal connections. MEJDI Tours Co-founder, Aziz Abu Sarah, has been building relationships in Germany for over a decade with universities, nonprofits, religious and historical scholars, local artists, journalists and chefs. What does this mean for you and your group? All things are possible.

The MEJDI Way: Whether your group wants to expand their understanding of the Holocaust or learn about Germany’s local economy, MEJDI Tours sets your group up with local guides, providing you with personally-selected and fun experiences. You might just find yourself in a crowd dancing the Schuhplattler. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more about a MEJDI Tour to Germany.

A sample itinerary MEJDI Tour to Germany may include:

  • Experiencing the lives of theologian Martin Luther or the Ashkenazi Jewish community as you hear stories from locals, academics and MEJDI Tours takes you beyond their birthplaces and off-the-beaten path into their local communities with hand-selected, local experts.
  • Biking through Berlin on a tour led by a Syrian refugee who provides both historical context of Eastern and Western Berlin as well as perspective into the current refugee crisis.
  • Visiting UNESCO World Heritage Sites like the Margravial Opera House in Bayreuth.
  • Drinking with locals as your group takes on the 1300 German breweries, or at least a handful of them.