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Greece is exactly how you imagine it: Picturesque views of the Aegean Sea from villages nestled in the sides of cliffs; hiking through dramatic geological landscapes in the region of Zagori and of course, the Greek isles: Crete for the cuisine, Zakynthos for the beaches and Hydra for a step back in time. The beauty of Greece deserves to be enjoyed. And, so does its people. A MEJDI Tour can be customized for your group so that you experience the beauty, food and culture of Greece from a native perspective. Our local tour guides know both the historical and current context of the Jewish and Christian religious sites, ensuring your group is connected to a dual narrative. We’ve also established strong relationships with universities, charities and village leaders. We build local touches into your must-sees experiences. Your trip can include, for example, dining over moussaka and freshly grilled fish with refugee families who’ve begun to make their new home in Athens.


The MEJDI Way:  Local. Local. Local. Greece hosts over 18 million tourists every year. It can be easy to visit Greece and have a nice vacation, but remain distant from the people and culture. This is what makes traveling to Greece on a MEJDI Tour profoundly distinct. As with all MEJDI Tours, we ensure you have the vacation of a lifetime and meet new friends, broaden your perspectives and experience Greece like a local. Contact us at [email protected] to start planning your customized MEJDI Tour to Greece!

A sample itinerary MEJDI Tour to Greece may include:


  • –  Sailing through the islands with a local captain, ensuring to stop in Santorini for iconic photos
  • – Volunteering for a few days with charities who support refugee families
  • Meeting with local journalists who hold the best stories about the recent economic crisis.
  • – Eating your way through Athens. Our local tour guides know the secret, off-the-grid restaurants. Who knows? You might just find yourself in the kitchen of γιαγιά (grandma).