Beyond Blue vs. Red: Bridging the Political Divide

Beyond Blue vs Red: Bridging the Political Divide

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Beyond Blue vs Red: Bridging the Political Divide

MEJDI Tour’s intimate exploration of the political reality in the United States draws on MEJDI’s experience fostering constructive dialogue through “Dual Narrative” tours in over a dozen countries worldwide.

These tours visit key sites with two guides – one conservative, one liberal – who shed light on divisions that define America’s complex landscape. Meet experts with varying perspectives on issues of race, socio-economic status, religion, and other hot topics within the public discourse. Investigate the root causes of polarization, and discover paths of common cause and reconciliation.

Choose your own destination

MEJDI Tours works with group leaders to build custom tours around the “Beyond Blue vs Red” theme, at their preferred destinations.

Sample Tour

The flagship “American Dual Narrative Tour” is offered in Washington, DC. MEJDI Tours can work with you to build a custom tour exploring political history and polarization at a destination of your choice.

Relevant areas of study include political science, law, American history, public administration, public policy, internal relations, communications, economics.

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