Shades of the apple: diversity in NYC

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Since its early days as a main port of entry for immigrants coming to the United States from Europe in search of opportunity, New York City has welcomed communities of widely varying ethnicity, culture, and religion. It remains among the most diverse cities in the world, though gentrification and high cost of living are taking a toll. Many New Yorkers are working to ensure that this beacon of creativity, commerce and culture, remains accessible to residents of many different backgrounds.

Sample Tour

· Trace the history of immigration in New York City from Ellis Island to the modern day, and study the effects of wide-spread diversity on this booming metropolis.

· Visit the Ellis Island Immigration Museum and the Statue of Liberty.

· Sit down with a local historian and map the migration of immigrants across the city into the neighborhoods we know today.

· Meet with religious leaders from different backgrounds who share a neighborhood and discuss how acceptance and understanding of different religions can help promote coexistence.

· Take part in a workshop on active and compassionate listening and discuss how empathy helps cultivate diversity within communities.

· Meet with a panel of young adults to talk about the role of diversity in schools.

· Enjoy a multi-cultural cooking class and dinner with a local family and explore how opinions about diversity differ from generation to generation.

· Taste your way through Queens on a street food tour of the city’s most multicultural borough, and learn how gentrification is threatening diversity around the city.

· Meet with a youth-based NGO working to promote inclusion within their local community. Examine inequalities in gender, age, race, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, and socioeconomic status that exist in diverse communities, especially in large cities, and how those disparities play out between neighborhoods. Study these disparities and their role in the spread of Covid-19 in New York City.

Relevant themes include diversity studies, social justice, civil rights history, social reconstruction, liberation theology, humanitarian studies, American history, religion, theology, religious history, sociology, anthropology, humanities, family studies, social work, peace and conflict resolution studies.

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