Get Out the Vote: A Field Study in Participatory Democracy

Multiplicity can work with you to build a custom tour exploring the theme of “Protest, Activism and Social Movements” at your preferred destination.

Sample Tour (Choose your Destination)

Head to the Carolinas for an in-depth look at a growing movement aimed at expanding access to voting and involving a greater number of citizens in the political process.


  • Meet with elected officials from both parties to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of voting-by-mail.
  • Join a parlor meeting organized by a leading advocacy organization in a rural community aimed at surveying community needs.
  • Stop by a local university to hear from students about the challenges and rewards of organizing efforts that connect the campus with the local community.
  • Hear from a panel of local veterans about their unique perspective on the politics of the day, and visit a military base to discuss how new recruits’ sense of responsibility to country extends from the battlefield to the ballot box.
  • Spend time canvassing in a major city alongside the head of an outreach organization focusing on the African American community.
  • Stop by a resident’s home for lunch and learn about their family’s deep roots in this area and motivations for staying involved today.
  • Meet representatives of a committee tasked with collecting and counting ballots in local elections.
  • Review protocols for preventing tampering and ensuring a free and fair vote.
  • Head to the beach for a picnic, hike to an impressive waterfall and spend a relaxing afternoon learning local leisure games at a popular hangout. 

Relevant themes include political science, law, community organizing and advocacy, economics, ethnic studies, social work, sociology, urban studies, women’s studies, peacebuilding and development, psychology, sociology, social work.


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