From the Redwood Forest: Conservation & Biodiversity

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Northern California is a prime location for the study of wildlife and conservation. Over 50% of all North American bird species and some 80 species of mammals have been documented in areas near San Francisco. Muir Woods is home to some of the last remaining old-growth redwood trees in the world.

Intensive conservation efforts in this region achieved the return of salmon runs and whale migrations. Local communities play a critical role in maintaining such inhabitable natural environments. 

Sample Tour

· Arrive in San Francisco for a day in the city before heading over the Golden Gate Bridge to the Marin Headlands for an introductory presentation on regional conservation efforts.

· Spend an afternoon with a leading nature photographer, take your own pictures, learn how these images are used in major campaigns.

· Visit a nearby safari for a chance to interact with area wildlife, getting a sense for the region’s remarkable biodiversity.

· Head out onto the water to chart the path of while migration on the coastline.

· Meet a leader in conservation-friendly landscape design to learn how to both beautify residential space in harmony with the surrounding natural environment.

· Hike in Redwoods, hearing from National Park rangers about different methods of tracking forest health. Spend an evening with an “intentional community” and meet conservation students from nearby universities.


Relevant themes include forestry, park and recreation management, wildlife management, agriculture, business, agronomy, engineering, horticulture, humanitarian studies, urban planning, rural leadership, natural resources and conservation, animal sciences, bio-engineering, bio-technology, botany, sustainable gardening and agriculture, culinary studies.

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