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What does “activism” mean and how does it look in 2020? How will it evolve over the next  twenty years as the world continues to change? In recent years, movements have formed around issues ranging from Black Lives Matter to vaccines, LGBTQIA rights to climate change, and prayer in schools to the nation’s divided stance on how to tackle the novel Coronavirus.

These fully customizable multi-narrative tours explore the motives and methods of collective action – demonstrations, online campaigns, advocacy organizations – across the United the States. Meet the activists and change-makers on the front lines of the nation’s most polarizing struggles. Examine the tenets of “peaceful” or “non-violent” activism. Hear personal stories from those who have sacrificed for the causes they care about most, and draw links between social movements in the United States and activists around the world.

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MEJDI Tours works with group leaders to build custom tours around the “Protest, Activism & Social Movements” theme at their preferred destinations. 

Sample Tour
Get Out the Vote NC! Field Study in Participatory Democracy

Move from the coast to the rolling hills of western Carolina, meeting with leaders working to promote inclusive governance. Learn best practices for organizing lower income citizens to vote. Pose questions to local officials and consider why vast political differences exist from one town to the next.

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Relevant areas of study include political science, law, American history, public administration, public policy, internal relations, communications, economics.

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