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Custom Itineraries

Beautiful landscapes, delectable food and wine, stunning architecture, and a unique history of modeling of religious coexistence. MEJDI Tours will make sure your group experiences everything Spain has to offer with customized itineraries that not only speak to your group’s unique interests and needs, but connect participants to Spanish communities, building lasting friendships with people who live there. From modest accommodations to 5+ star luxury hotels, MEJDI Tours takes you everywhere you want to go—and places you didn’t even know existed—in Spain, and convenient group leader tools make it easy to get started. Farmer’s markets, flamenco dancing, orange groves, Barcelona, Madrid, late-night tapas—answer Spain’s call with MEJDI Tours.

Multiple Perspectives

Celebrated by the United Nations, National Geographic, and CNN, MEJDI Tours’ groundbreaking multiple perspective approach to tourism offers travelers rare cultural immersion unavailable anywhere else. Through a diverse array of tour guides and speakers—from the north of Spain to the south, from both Spain and Basque Country, artists, musicians, journalists, and more—MEJDI travelers are presented with multiple viewpoints, leading to a fuller, more comprehensive understanding of Spain and its people. The result? Group tours unlike anything else.

Exclusive Access

MEJDI Tours enables your group to delve deeper into Spanish history, culture, and more through exclusive access to the places you want to go and the people you want to meet. From meeting with top religious and political leaders to discussions with grassroots activists, MEJDI Tours enables travelers to gain a broader, more nuanced understanding of Spanish life and society by taking groups where other tour companies cannot. The secret to our exclusive access? Connections. The relationships we’ve built in Spain—and around the world—allow us to take travelers behind closed doors, providing them with experiences unmatched in the industry.

Honoring Clients & Communities

As a certified B Corp, which harnesses the power of business for social and environmental change, honor and accountability are at the heart of everything we do. From fair wages to customized volunteer opportunities, our socially responsible business model isn’t just unmatched in the industry, it’s changing the face of tourism through a pioneering framework that honors both clients and communities. We don’t just pass through the communities we visit, we support them, investing in local businesses and assisting individuals in building a brighter future for their families, neighbors, and communities. We don’t do it to get noticed. We do it because it’s the right thing to do.


Opportunities for luxury in Spain are endless. From cosmopolitan sophistication to the Balearic and Canary islands, indulgences abound in the land of the setting sun. MEJDI Tours will surround you with the very best Spain has to offer. Learn more about our luxury tours.

Custom Tours

MEJDI Tours is committed to building custom itineraries that bring your travel goals to life while staying true to your values. From custom group pages with comprehensive trip information to group marketing tools and a dedicated customer service representative, you’ll feel the MEJDI difference from start to finish. Learn more about MEJDI’s custom tours and unique group leader resources.

Customer Service

With unrivaled customer service and a commitment to customer satisfaction, MEJDI Tours is dedicated to making your travel dreams come true. You and your group are our number one priority. Learn more about our exceptional customer service.