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Ukraine: mostly misrepresented by an oversimplified, media narrative and typically only mentioned through its conflict with Russia, there is a rich history and welcoming culture awaiting you in Ukraine. This is a very relevant time to visit Ukraine; a story of local empowerment and change is emerging. Rich in Soviet and modern European influence, a MEJDI Tour to Ukraine offers you both the historical and the current context of a country in flux. Our local guides can set up visits to World War II landmarks, centuries-old Christian Orthodox golden domes, hidden cave monasteries, stunning landscapes of the Black Sea and Carpathian Mountains and the burial grounds of notable Jewish thinkers, poets, rabbis and tzaddiks. No matter which sites you choose to discover, every MEJDI Tour to Ukraine exposes you to a variety of Ukrainian perspectives so that you return home with a deeper understanding of Ukraine’s struggle for democracy and national identity.


The MEJDI Way: We’ve worked hard to establish very strong relationships with local tour guides who are experts in both the historical and current cultural narratives of Ukraine. They have lived this dual narrative which provides your group with a very personal experience. In addition to having a great time, the priority of our local guides is that your group leaves knowing the emerging story of a beautiful country called Ukraine. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more about a MEJDI Tour to Ukraine

A sample itinerary MEJDI Tour to Ukraine may include:


  • Folk dancing after you feast on traditional Ukrainian food like borsch and smetana
  • Learning about how minority groups overcame Soviet persecution and are currently creating a new Ukrainian national identity.
  • Exclusive access to sites like Chernobyl, where nature has taken over after the 1986 nuclear accident (completely safe to visit with our special guides).
  • Meeting and learning with different religious and ethnic groups like displaced Crimean Tatars, who are Muslim, Jewish population and Ukraine’s majority Orthodox population.