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A MEJDI Tour to Vietnam can feel like three separate experiences. Vietnam is one of the most ecologically, politically and culturally diverse nations in Southeast Asia. Northern Vietnam offers visitors boating on the Hallen Bay. Southern Vietnam takes you into World War II where you can still see the effects of war. Drive inland and discover rice farming or take a cooking lesson. MEJDI Tours introduces you to local political experts, innovative chefs and student groups who are excited to engage with American students. Though a trip to Vietnam is suitable for all types of groups, we highly recommend university groups consider this destination. As with all MEJDI Tours, we will customize a local experience for you. You will be surprised by the variety of activities from which to choose, but perhaps most surprising is the welcoming and positive spirit of Vietnamese toward Americans.

The MEJDI Way:  A recent student group tour to Vietnam included introductions to Vietnamese students who joined the group every day. For the American students, this was the highlight of their trip. They dialogued about student life and built long term friendships. Of course, they loved exploring the country, but the perspective of students their age provided a cultural experience they were not expecting. Contact us to learn more about a MEJDI Tour to Vietnam.

A sample itinerary MEJDI Tour to Vietnam may include:

  • Conversations and connections to local students and university leaders
  • Caving and canoeing at Mekong Delta, one of the world’s only floating forests.
  • Dinner and conversation with religious leaders of Caodaim, a monotheistic religion officially established in the city of Tây Ninh in southern Vietnam in 1926
  • Learning how to tie and throw nets with local fisherman
  • An afternoon visiting Hoi An, an ancient, trading port town and UNESCO Heritage site