A (Virtual) Dual-Narrative Tour of Jerusalem

with Iliff School of Theology

MEJDI tours, originators of the Dual Narrative™ Tour, are now offering mission-driven opportunities to explore the world virtually. Our two-guide model incorporates an Israeli and Palestinian guide, each representing unique cultural, religious, political, and ethnic narratives.

On this tour your guides, Husam Jubran and Yuval Ben Ami, will focus on the complexities in these highly contested spots, they will share various narratives and views while taking you through the highlights of the Old City and its surroundings. Discuss Jerusalem’s international status, move between East and West and hear the personal stories first hand. You will be surprised to hear that the political focus is not only between the religions but rather within each as well. 

Tour Date: Wednesday, March 17 (12 – 1pm MT)

Location: Zoom (Link will be provided following registration)

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About Your Guides:

Yuval Ben Ami is an author, journalist, and cultural critic. Born in Jerusalem, Yuval later moved to the United States and began writing for Israeli and international publications, among them Haaretz and the Boston Globe. His books include Susanna, Don’t You Cry—a travelogue of the American South—and two travel books about Israel: Wonderland and A Day on the Town. Yuval’s work in conflict resolution began in 2000 at Jerusalem’s Youth Center of World Cultures, where he introduced Jewish high school students to Palestinian culture. He currently leads cultural travel experiences, bringing individuals into areas they would not normally visit: Israelis into Hebron, Palestinians to Tel-Aviv, secular Jews to Meah Shearim, and so on, creating unique encounters everywhere he goes. 

Husam Jubran is the facilitation Director at Hands of Peace organization that brings young Palestinian and Israeli kids for dialogue. He helped developing a conflict resolution dialogue manual. Husam is an expert in nonviolence as he developed a training manual for Palestinian activists. He has expertise in social innovation initiatives as he served as a representative in Palestine and Jordan for the Middle East/North Africa Social Innovators Program with Synergos Institute. He finished his Master’s degree from the Eastern Mennonite University in Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding as a Fulbright scholar, and has a diploma in tourism. He was one of few to start non conventional tours in the Holy Land in 1999, and has been working with National Geographic Expeditions since our first Holy Land departure. Husam provides training in conflict management, crisis management, and nonviolence beside his work as tour guide.