Virtual Tour of Croatia (The Pearl of the Balkans)

A unique look at the country of Croatia. Croatia has breathtaking beaches, unique waterfalls, island regions that rival other Mediterranean nations, and a troubled history. A guide from MEJDI Tours will go beyond a traditional tour by providing a customized virtual tour (pictures and video) of the different regions of Croatia. Not only will they show you the country, they will unpack for you the history and culture of this region. Divided by war and strife over the millennia, there are some deep-seated struggles between the different people groups of this area. It’s a story of beauty and pain, connection and divide, love and war—a story that hits much closer to home than Americans like to admit. This interactive tour will help you virtually explore the full context of this country until you can get to the region and experience it for yourself.

Tour Date: Thursday, March 18 (12pm – 1:30pm PT)

Your Tour Guide: Lujo Kuncevic
Lujo Kuncevic was born and raised in Zagreb, Croatia. He has been guiding tours in and around Croatia for many years. In addition to guiding, he is a television and theater actor best known for F20 (2018), The Match (2019) and Zlatni Dvori (2016). Son of actress Biserka Ipsa and director Ivica Kuncevic, he started acting on the stage of Gavella and the Zagreb HNK. When not performing on stage or on a set, he is guiding travelers throughout his country – showing the beauty, sharing the history, and exploring what it means to be Croatian.