Episode 25:



Thursday, August 20 1PM ET

The Covid-19 pandemic impacted travel on a never-before-seen global scale. As travel restrictions ease, we find the opportunity to redefine what the next wave of travel will look like. Join us as we speak with US tourism industry experts on what changes are being made to keep travelers safe, explore data trends on the industry’s rebound, and discuss what the future of travel looks like in a post-coronavirus world.

Guest Speakers:


Jared Meyers is the co-founder of the first multi-state resort hospitality Certified B Corp, Legacy Vacation Resorts.  He also serves as Chairman of Florida’s only real estate development B Corp,  Salt Palm Development, and of Florida for Good.  He believes that business has a responsibility and ability to reduce Inequality, alleviate poverty, restore a healthier environment, build stronger communities, & create more high quality jobs with dignity and purpose and he is committed to achieving these objectives through person means and in collaboration with others.


Alastair Bitsoi, originally from the Navajo Nation in Naschitti, New Mexico, he is an award-winning news reporter for Navajo Times and an advocate for healthy living among his people. Alastair is a Communications Director with Utah DinéBikéyah, a nonprofit that works toward the healing of people and the Earth by supporting indigenous communities in protecting their culturally significant ancestral lands, including Bears Ears National Monument.


Wes Espinosa is the Director of the Torres del Paine Legacy Fund, a nonprofit program of the Center for Responsible Travel. Based in Puerto Natales, a small port town in Chilean Patagonia, he manages the Legacy Fund’s protected area stewardship programs, conservation projects, and oversees fundraising and partner engagement.

After working on tour as an Event Director, he eventually moved to Quito, Ecuador where he worked for three years as the Latin American Development Lead for Asylum Access, a nonprofit that provides legal services to refugees. Here, he honed his nonprofit management and community development skills that led to his role as the Partnership Development Manager for Sustainable Travel International.

He eventually found his way down to Chile where he now lives and works. Beyond helping Torres del Paine National Park build sustainable trails, improve its infrastructure, and enhance ecological restoration efforts, he is passionate about promoting tourism as a vehicle for sustainable good and creating innovative avenues for the stewardship of protected areas.

Wes received his undergraduate degree from the University of California, Berkeley in Political Science & Theater, and is an avid traveler, surfer, and mountaineer.




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