As the world copes with crises related to climate change, the loss of natural habitat, food scarcity and resource consumption, the United States’ attitude towards mitigation wavers. Interdependent global economies rely on mass travel, trade and a food chain spanning continents. Health trends in many developing countries parallel worrisome outcomes in richer nations. Is this sustainable?

These fully customizable tours explore what companies, organizations, and communities are doing to improve the sustainability of vast systems they rely on. Consider many approaches to this effort, and identify points of synergy and discord. Meet top thinkers and doers across fields, from rooftop gardeners to social responsibility executives, community health professionals to wind-farm engineers. Understand how developments in the United States affect communities locally and globally.

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MEJDI Tours works with group leaders to build custom tours around the “Earth, Fire, Air, Water” theme of sustainability, at their preferred destinations. 

Sample Tour


What’s For Dinner? U.S. Agriculture from Farm to Fork

Trace the path of mass industrialization of agriculture in the United States that turned a nation of small family-owned and operated farms into one dominated by large corporate producers. Examine whether these methods are sustainable for not only the farmers themselves, but for local ecosystems and the environment as a whole.

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Relevant areas of study include political science, law, American history, public administration, public policy, internal relations, communications, economics.


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