What’s for Dinner? U.S. Agriculture from Farm to Fork

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Trace the mass industrialization of agriculture in the United States through the Great Plains, reflecting on how a nation of small family-owned and operated farms turned into one dominated by large corporate producers.

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Sample Tour

• Examine whether these methods are sustainable for not only the farmers themselves, but for local ecosystems and the environment as a whole.

• Learn how new technology has advanced farming practices across the United States in the last several decades. 

• Stay at and help out on a working farm, meet a modern-day farming family, and hear about the struggles facing farming families across America.

• Meet with an NGO that raises awareness about healthy soil and climate balance and regenerative agriculture and empowers individuals and restaurant chains to purchase food from sustainable supply chains.

• Meet with a representative from the fast food industry to discuss the food supply chain and learn about what many major brands are doing to promote sustainability and change for good.

• Visit a community garden and learn about the growth of urban gardening and the plant-based movement.

• Attend a cooking class and tasting at a farm-to-table restaurant and learn about the farm-to-table movement from a master chef.

• Learn what effects Covid-19 has had on the agriculture and food production industry and the food supply chain across America.

Relevant themes include agriculture, business, agronomy, crop science, engineering, humanitarian studies, urban planning, rural leadership, natural resources and conservation, animal sciences, farm/ranch management, bio-engineering, bio-technology, botany, sustainable gardening and agriculture, culinary studies.

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