Rabbis Endorse MEJDI’s Bat Mitzvah Tours with Women of the Wall

Women of the Wall celebrated a major victory in April. For the first time ever, the organization read from a full size Torah at their monthly service at the Western Wall (Kotel) in Jerusalem.

For more than 25 years, Women of the Wall have been working to achieve the social and legal recognition of the right of women to wear prayer shawls, pray, and read from the Torah collectively and out loud at the Kotel.

To honor Women of the Wall’s struggle for religious freedom and gender equality, MEJDI Tours is proud to announce the launch of a new bat mitzvah tour initiative with Women of the Wall. Now girls and women of any age can celebrate a bat mitzvah at the Kotel as part of a once-in-a-lifetime tour of Israel.


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We are thrilled to have these tours endorsed by some of the top rabbinic leaders from across the full denominational spectrum. The letter below went out to hundreds of rabbis across the Diaspora from Rabbis for Women of the Wall.

 Rabbinic Letter


Because we know you are committed to gender equality, we want to let you know about a unique opportunity to customize your own Israel tour in support of Women of the Wall! MEJDI Tours offers inter-generational and adults-only tours for individual families, congregations and communities. Create your own itinerary of fun and meaningful options and join Women of the Wall for their monthly worship at the Western Wall. Age appropriate girls and women of all ages can celebrate their bat mitzvah or the anniversary of their bat mitzvah and everyone can join in this meaningful experience in the women’s section or supporting men’s section.

Proudly take your place as Jewish women and men joining the struggle for religious and gender equality while deepening your connection with our Jewish homeland. Additional information is available at https://mejditours.com/women-of-the-wall-bat-mitzvah-ceremonies/.

As you may know, it is never too late to have a bat mitzvah! If you know of young girls who will turn 12 or 13 in the next few years or if you know a woman who did not have a bat mitzvah during her youth, please let them (and their parents) know about this opportunity so they too can celebrate with Women of the Wall and MEJDI tours!

For more information on adult bat mitzvah tours, see https://mejditours.com/women-of-the-wall-adult-bat-mitzvah-ceremonies/ or contact Josh Bloom at [email protected] or 703-349-1554 ext 302.

Every tour helps Women of the Wall, so please join us and help spread the word!


Rabbi Pamela Frydman*
International Co-Chair of Rabbis for Women of the Wall

Rabbi Jacqueline Koch Ellenson*
Executive Director, Women’s Rabbinic Network
International Vice Chair of Rabbis for Women of the Wall

Rabbi Robyn Fryer Bodzin*
Israel Center of Conservative Judaism, Queens, New York
International Vice Chair of Rabbis for Women of the Wall

Rabbi Jane Litman*
International Vice Chair of Rabbis for Women of the Wall

Rabbi Laura Geller*
Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills
International Vice Chair of Rabbis for Women of the Wall

Rabbi Sue Morningstar*
International Vice Chair of Rabbis for Women of the Wall

Rabbi Marc Gopin*
Co-Founder of MEJDI Tours


*Rabbi Robyn Fryer Bodzin (Conservative) co-chairs the Task Force on Human Trafficking of the Rabbinical Assembly. Her bio is available here.

*Rabbi Jacqueline Koch Ellenson (Reform) is a social justice activist committed to women’s equality of access to religious life and leadership, with particular focus on women in the Reform rabbinate. Her bio is available here

*Rabbi Jane Litman (Reconstructionist) is a feminist social justice activist. Her bio is available here.

*Rabbi Laura Geller (Reform) is committed to religious pluralism and women’s rights. Her bio is available here.

*Rabbi Sue Morningstar (Renewal) is a rabbi, nurse practitioner and host of the Rabbis and Cantors for WOW website. Information about Sue is available here*Rabbi Pamela Frydman (Renewal) is a founder and co-organizer of Rabbis for Religious Freedom and Equality in Israel. Her bio is available here.

*Rabbi Marc Gopin holds ordination from Yeshiva University (Orthodox). He is scholar specializing in conflict resolution. His bio is available at here.